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Within the school curriculum, one of the key areas making up the ‘Learning for Life and Work’ theme is active participation. This requires that young people are provided with opportunities to participate in school and society. School Councils are an excellent way in which to increase participation, teaching young people about democracy.

Voting for Woodlands School Council took place last month. The Woodlands pupils who put themselves forward presented to their peers in a whole school assembly and then a ballot took place whereby pupils were able to vote for who they would like to represent the school as Council members.

School Councils can provide a meaningful way for pupils to voice their opinions and have their views taken into account with decisions that impact them. Woodlands Academy’s School Council is supported and nurtured to help improve many aspects of school life.

The School Council are invited to send representatives to meet with the school’s Senior Leadership Team to put forward suggestions and ideas for school improvement.

Woodlands Academy School Council members are:

  • Samuel (Year 7)
  • Alex (Year 7)
  • Stanley (Year 7)
  • Liam (Year 8)
  • John-Paul (Year 8)
  • Charley (Year 9)
  • Mia (Year 9)
  • Samuel (Year 9)
  • Jullian (Year 10)

To learn more about our school council and to view meeting minutes, CLICK HERE.

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