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Work Experience

Woodlands Academy

We aim to give all pupils aged 14-16 the opportunity to gain work experience within the local community.
The Work Experience Co-ordinator organises placements in partnership with each pupil.
Once parental consent letters have been received, the work placement will commence. The Work Experience Programme teaches pupils:

– Skills
– Communication
– Respect
– Confidence
– Responsibility

Pupils who want to undertake work experience within Woodlands Academy are not just given opportunities, they have to apply for the positions themselves. This gives them experience of completing an application form and undertaking an interview.
Different placements are advertised in the careers classroom in school, with a wide variety of options available.

Pupil T’s story…

For work experience I went to Skegness Fire Station.
During my time working at the Fire Station I got along well with all the staff. I did many activates such as Car Simulation and Casualty Rescue and much more.

On my Work Experience I met a few interesting people such as a Fireman named Simon who had been fighting fires for many years. He claimed that working for the Fire Service is a great job and the best choice he’d ever made.

I found my work experience really interesting.

Connor Stephen’s story…

I enjoyed meeting others and learning different roles in a working environment. I also enjoyed making different cakes and I liked talking to all the staff and having a laugh with them. I didn’t enjoy washing up.

I found making cakes and cornflake tart challenging and on the first day talking to other workers. In the future, I would like to go back to college to study catering.

During my time at work I learnt many new skills which included: teamwork, communication, time keeping and new cooking techniques.

Pupil M’s story…

I went to work at the Spilsby New Life Centre. I worked with a man named David who was the owner. During my Work Experience I designed some posters and flyers as well as redesigning some existing ones.

I learned to cope and adapt to a work environment.
It was an interesting experience because I didn’t exactly know how work would be, but learning how it unfolded was interesting I guess. I wouldn’t want this to be my future job but it was good experience to see what it was all about.

Woodlands Academy’s Work Experience Co-ordinator is Laurie Reed. Laurie can be contacted on 01790 753902 or emailed via enquiries@woodlands-cit.co.uk

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