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Sports Day ‘House Winners’ 2023

Woodlands Academy

Sports Day ‘House Winners’ 2023

The whole school took part in our Summer Sports Day this year on July 21st 2023.

The sun shone brightly on a fantastic day of sport as staff and pupils all joined in the fun and celebrations together.

Pupils and staff took part within their House Teams – Hurricane, Spitfire, Lancaster and Wellington.  

Our sports day was fully inclusive with a variety of indoor and outdoor events to suit everyone. We held traditional athletics events involving running, jumping etc., along with some classics like ‘Tug-of-War’ and ‘Relay’, adding in some extra fun ones such as ‘Balloon Pop Racing’ and ‘Water Bucket Relay’. We also held mental Olympic classroom-based events.

The children really enjoyed the day, saying it was excellent fun and that they really loved watching all the staff take part against each other in the relay and tug-of-war!

Camaraderie was in the air but there could only be one ‘House Team’ winner. Parents and carers joined the whole school in the afternoon to announce the winning team – ‘Spitfire’!

Well done to pupils and staff alike from Spitfire House, they were well deserving, and their blue colours are now adorned on the Sports Day Trophy which will be displayed in the school cabinet in the reception area for this academic year.

Roll on Sports Day 2024, let’s see who takes the crown next year.

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