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Pupil Training Feedback

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Pupil Training Feedback

We received a lovely letter this week from GroupTogether who visited the school recently. David Downes, Training & Events Manager, sent us this wonderful message below, so we thought we would share it.

“I just wanted to pass my thanks on to Woodlands Academy in Spilsby. I had the privilege of teaching First Aid to Year 11 pupils at the school. 

During my visit, I was immediately briefed on the safeguarding procedures and who to contact should I have any concerns or questions. I was then informed of the schedule to stick to and showed the facilities. I was then helped to set up and each pupil who came into the hall said hello to me and showed an interest in what was going on. I understand this might be normal for you to do, however it is not my normal experience in schools so was very refreshing. 

After working in schools for the last 12years, it was clear to me that your staff at Woodlands Academy are passionate, kind and caring for each pupil and the compassion I witnessed whilst on site for just a few short hours was outstanding, compared to other schools I’ve worked in. 

Your pupils really did the school proud during their First Aid session and it was lovely to see the teachers in the session letting them express their true characters! 

I just wanted to ensure I sent this, as it’s not every day I get to see this in a school I’m working in. 

Clearly the leadership team at Woodlands and the whole staff team have worked hard to achieve what they have for the pupils.” 

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