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Drug & Alcohol Workshop

Woodlands Academy

Drug & Alcohol Workshop

Pupil trying our 'drunk goggles'

On Wednesday 6th November, Years 9, 10 and 11 pupils had a visit from the “We are with you” group who presented a drugs workshop for them. ‘With You’ is a charity providing confidential support regarding drugs, alcohol or mental health.

Pupils had the chance to discuss how they can keep themselves safe and were presented with a mixture of information in both theoretical and practical form to inform them of the risks and dangers of drugs and what is currently popular across Lincolnshire.

The pupils were all engaged and asked lots of questions. They had discussions and took part in various activities on the dangers and risks of taking drugs/alcohol, one included wearing “drunk” goggles. The pupils were surprised at the difference a small amount of alcohol can make to your vision.

The pupils were able to look at what different drugs look like, and they learned how dealers are enticing children with legal highs and edibles.

Pupils had the chance to discuss how they can keep themselves safe.

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