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Creature comforts installed in the Forest School

Woodlands Academy

Creature comforts installed in the Forest School

Although a little late in the season, Year 9 pupils have been using their skills in Design and Technology to create hedgehog housing to be sighted in the Forest School at Woodlands Academy.

Following a simple design, pupils soon used their creativity and have constructed a 5 star luxury retreat for our spikey friends! Pupils used recycled wood where possible to create a safe and warm home to help any hedgehogs needing a dry place to stay.  Dried leaves were inserted to provide a soft bed to snuggle up in.

To keep the hedgehogs and the other creatures in the Forest School safe, plant and animal safe preservatives were used. Not just thinking of the hedgehogs, a loft was added, which is used to create an insect hotel! Sticks, twigs and leaves where inserted to provide a comfy retreat for any small visitors.

A wildlife camera is planned to capture any new visitors, which will give us an insight into the secret world of the woodland. We will keep you posted!


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