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Woodlands Academy


Pupils from Year 8 and Year 11 have been learning through what they do and what they discover. They continue to learn about the outdoors, themselves and each other, while also learning new skills.

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Year 11 have been taking responsibility and pride of the woodland area, working under instruction to complete individual tasks such as assisting to maintain the vegetation in and around the woodlands, and developing areas of vegetation to encourage a range of birds, insects and animals. Pupils have also been developing their skills and knowledge of machinery in preparation for college and work.

A great way to teach pupils about respect for the Earth, along with important food production skills, is to help our pupils grow a garden. So, Year 8 have been getting their hands dirty clearing the planters ready to grow something healthy and delicious, teaching pupils what might end up being the most important thing they ever learn.

We will be doing regular updates about progress in the garden so watch out for further stories.

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