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Just before Christmas and to celebrate the end of term, pupils at Woodlands Academy enjoyed some quality time in the Forest School.

The pupils had a great time as well as learning new skills. They lit a fire, brewed up hot chocolate, made Smores and even tried their hand at popping fresh popcorn in the outdoors!

The first few attempts at popping corn did not go to plan but once they mastered the art, they had lots of edible corn, which everyone enjoyed.

Pupils spent the time reflecting on the last two terms, identifying the positives and accomplishments they had made and the distance travelled in their learning.

Here’s what some of our pupils had to say:

PW: “It was great to use a flint and steel to make fire.”

TM: “It was really nice and I enjoyed making the Smores.”

LG: “I enjoyed lighting the fire and making popcorn.”

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