Woodlands Academy is part of C.I.T Academies
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Our Vision

Woodlands Academy

At Woodlands Academy our vision is:
• To ensure our pupils are prepared academically, emotionally and socially for their future both within Post-16 education, and within the world of work.
• To develop their resilience, mental well-being, social skills and academic knowledge required to be active and worthwhile members of their local community and wider society.

To ensure we achieve our vision, we provide the following:

• A curriculum that supports the engagement of pupils, and enables them to achieve their potential through the range of qualifications available.
• Support towards GCSE outcomes across a range of subjects with accreditation and vocational qualifications including Entry Level through to Level 2.
• Targeted interventions in Literacy and Numeracy to assist pupils to access the entire curriculum offer available at Woodlands Academy.
• Teaching staff use their enthusiasm and detailed subject knowledge, as well as a range of teaching strategies to motivate and engage pupils in learning.
• Teaching staff foster positive relationships with pupils and foster a supportive ‘can do’ learning environment.

Emotional and Social

• Staff are available to support pupils and to communicate frequently with home. 
• Opportunities to take part in group activities; inside and outside of school through different subject areas, for example: school football team, reward trips and outdoor education.
• Access to a school counsellor and music therapy.
• Small school community; staff know pupils well, and are able to build positive and personalised relationships in order to support pupils’ individual needs.

Mental Wellbeing
• Woodlands Academy is a positive school; we look to celebrate pupils’ achievements and support pupils to build their own self-confidence.
• Staff know pupils extremely well; they are able to recognise when pupils require additional support and ensure they receive this immediately.
• Our Learning for Life Curriculum provides information for pupils to access mental health support from outside agencies if required in the future.
• We have links with a number of outside agencies, and provide our own counselling within school, to help support pupils mental wellbeing.

Working in the Community
• We encourage pupils to contribute to the local community for example; volunteering through Duke of Edinburgh at Spilsby New Life Centre, supporting with local projects such as volunteering at Snipe Dales as part of Land-based studies.
• Pupils are given opportunities to raise money for local and national charities, for example, MacMillan Bake sale and genes for genes day.
• Opportunities to take part in local events; Light up Spilsby project.

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